Heavy Duty Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel with Ductile Cast Iron Cover

  • Product Name: Drainage Channel
  • Material of Channel: Polymer Concrete
  • Material of Cover: Ductile Cast Iron
  • Inner Width: 100-500mm
  • Inner Height: Customized
  • Brand: Yete
  • Loading Class: A15, B125, C250, D400, E600, F900
  • Certificate: ISO9001:2015
  • Standard: EN1433/EN124
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    Drainage Channel with Ductile Cast Iron is a widely used drainage system in urban infrastructure and buildings. It possesses various functionalities, advantages, and application scenarios, and we will provide a detailed introduction below.


    Drainage Function: The ductile iron grate trench is primarily used for effectively removing rainwater, floods, and other liquids, ensuring dry and safe roads, buildings, and other areas.
    High Load-Bearing Capacity: Made of high-strength ductile iron, the grate trench exhibits excellent load-bearing capacity, capable of withstanding the weight of vehicles and pedestrians.
    High Durability: Ductile iron materials have excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, enabling them to withstand harsh environmental conditions and frequent use, ensuring the stability and longevity of the drainage system.
    Slip-Resistant Design: Ductile iron grate covers usually feature anti-slip textures or raised designs to increase traction for pedestrians and vehicles, enhancing safety.


    High Customizability: Ductile iron grate trenches can be customized according to specific requirements, including dimensions, shapes, and load-bearing requirements, to adapt to different application scenarios.
    Aesthetic Appeal: Ductile iron grate covers have smooth and uniform surfaces, with an exquisite appearance that harmonizes with the surrounding environment and structures, enhancing visual appeal.
    Easy Installation and Maintenance: The modular design of ductile iron grate trench ensures easy and quick installation. Additionally, maintenance is relatively straightforward, as the covers can be easily removed for cleaning and repair work.

    Application Scenarios:

    Roads and Streets: Ductile iron grate trenches are widely used in drainage systems of roads and streets, ensuring dry road surfaces and reducing the risk of water accumulation and slips.
    Parking Lots and Garages: Ductile iron grate trenches can be utilized in the drainage systems of car parking lots and garages, maintaining dry and safe driving areas.
    Buildings and Public Spaces: Ductile iron grate trenches are suitable for drainage systems around buildings, squares, parks, and other public areas, ensuring the safety and comfort of individuals.
    Industrial and Commercial Areas: Ductile iron grate trenches are also commonly found in industrial and commercial areas such as factories, warehouses, and commercial centers to facilitate effective drainage and prevent water accumulation.

    In conclusion, ductile iron grate trenches offer excellent drainage functionality, high load-bearing capacity, durability, and aesthetic appeal. They are widely applied in various scenarios, providing reliable drainage solutions for urban infrastructure and buildings.

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