Stainless Steel Plant Grass Manhole Cover

Yete stainless steel grass planting manhole covers include round and square manhole covers, which are in line with most projects on the market for manhole covers.

demand. The one-piece manufacturing process not only guarantees the quality of the manhole cover, but also allows the manhole cover to have a higher bearing capacity. Even if it is impacted by an external force or overloaded, it will not be damaged or exposed. It is suitable for green belts and other areas where motor vehicles or non-motor vehicles are completely prohibited from entering, and can reach A15 load-bearing level.

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The problem of solid top or recessed drain covers ruining lawns and gardens has been apparent for decades, but in recent years YETE have developed a solution.

In addition to elegant appearance and extreme durability, Yete grass basin manhole cover is made of stainless steel grade 304 in one stamping process, which are characterized by long service life, high compressive strength and easy installation. It is ideal for Municipal construction and Urban greening.

Unlike regular recessed covers,YETE incorporate pre-drilled drainage holes which allow rainwater to drain through naturally. Combined with our patented technology, this water is filtered and grass will grow inside the tray. Ultimately this results in an aesthetically pleasing solution for client and contractor. The covers can also be filled with other materials such as rubber crumb, artificial turf, decorative gravels or any porous surfacing product.

Special sizes can be manufactured on demand.

Square grass manhole cover
Round grass manhole cover

Product Characteristics

Use high-quality stainless steel, stamping and forming at one time, no welding required;
It has obvious acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, and has a long service life;
The surface pattern is beautifully designed, and various flowers and plants can be planted to beautify the urban environment;
Light weight, convenient for transportation, installation, and emergency repair, greatly reducing labor intensity;

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