Drainage Channel With Ductile Cast Iron

  • Item NO.: YT100-U20200
  • Product Origin: China
  • Raw Material: base-polymer concrete
  • Trench Grating Cover Type: cast iron / galvanized steel / stainless steel / polymer concrete can be available
  • CO: 100mm-400mm
  • Length : 1000mm
  • Dimension : Existing list selection or Customized
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    Product Description

    Ductile cast iron cover combined with resin concrete drainage channel is widely used in the drainage of rain and sewage in various municipal projects, municipal roads, and places with high bearing capacity.
    The ductile cast iron bearing series drainage channel can provide ideal drainage solutions for various harsh environment areas. A qualified drainage channel makes the city more beautiful.

    Drainage Channel With Ductile Cast Iron
    Drainage Channel With Ductile Cast Iron (2)
    Drainage Channel With Ductile Cast Iron(1)

    Product Characteristics

    The product life cycle is long and the maintenance cost is low.
    The drainage channel is made of resin concrete with strong bearing capacity, up to 900KN;
    The resin drainage channel is equipped with ductile iron edge protection to provide better support and protection for the cover;
    The cover plate is made of ductile cast iron, and different designs can be used according to the different bearing capacity;

    Polymer Concrete: Light, Sturdy and Resistant.

    The channel units are constructed from polymer concrete. Polyester resin, used as a bonding agent, together with mineral combinations makes polyester concrete an extremely compression-proof building material; not only able to withstand heavy loads, but also extremely durable and long lasting. polymer concrete is non flammable, frost proof and resistant to weathering and diluted acids and alkali’s.


    The versatility of our channels allow application to reach from residential, Commercial, industrial to agricultural– bungalows, condominiums, gardens, pedestrian and cyclist areas, driven roads, car-parks, highways, industrial areas, etc.Villa House Apartment Office Building, urban road, the square, the botanical garden, the wharf, the airport, the parking lot, the road, each kind of industry, the civil project, etc.Infrastructure and Traffic, walkway,pedestrian areas,Urban architecture.

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