Stainless Steel Drain Cover For Rain Drain

  • Item NO.: YT200SS
  • Product Origin: China
  • Raw Material: Stainless steel/Galvanized steel
  • Length : 500mm
  • Width: 140mm-460mm or Customized
  • Loading Class: A15-D400 to EN1433
  • Dimension(L/W/T): Existing list selection or Customized
  • Cover Pattern: Existing list selection or Customized
  • MOQ : one 20' feet container or 2-3 items
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    Product Description

    The stainless steel drain cover is made of stainless steel stamping, folding, forming and other processes. There is no welding process (easy to rust due to changes in the material structure at the weld).

    Why do you like to use stainless steel drain cover? Because the stainless steel drain cover plate, especially the stainless steel linear drain cover plate, is more close to life in application, even sometimes, it can not feel its existence, and it can be well integrated with the surrounding environment.

    The stainless steel drain cover plate is very good in concealment in many occasions, and it is often overlooked. Although it has this feature, its drainage performance is excellent. In many cases, it will be better than the drainage ditch of the road, which is determined by the smooth surface of stainless steel.

    Stainless Steel Drain Cover (4)
    Stainless Steel Drain Cover (3)
    Stainless Steel Drain Cover (2)

    Product Characteristics

    The construction of drainage ditch is an indispensable link in all drainage projects. In places such as food factories, beverage factories, shopping malls and tourist centers, drainage ditches will be hidden and not as conspicuous as on the road, which will integrate with the overall environment and be beautiful and generous.

    The cover equipped with the finished drainage ditch usually includes resin concrete cover, slot cover, stainless steel stamping cover, stainless steel grille cover, ductile iron cover, etc. Among them, the stainless steel stamping cover is usually suitable for pedestrian roads and other roads that are not open to traffic, while the ductile iron cover is suitable for roads with certain load-bearing requirements. With the construction of more and more city squares, the requirements for the beauty and integrity of manhole covers and landscapes, and the emergence of slotted covers, perfectly solves this problem.

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