Road Kerb Drainage Channel For Driveway Water Drain

Kerb drainage channel is a curb stone with drainage channel installed on the edge of the road, so it is also called drainage kerb. Kerb drainage channel can be applied to all hard pavement that needs drainage treatment, such as parking lot, Bus station and slow-moving area for vehicles. The load-bearing level of the system can reach D400.

Main height of curb drainage system: 305mm, 500mm.

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With its outstanding advantages, the curb drainage system is deeply trusted by people in the field of modern building drainage systems, and it has also become a new generation of product representatives. Its performance is much higher than that of ordinary concrete drainage ditch, and it can be easily dealt with. In severe weather conditions, it can drain the accumulated water on the road as much as possible to keep it clean, and contribute to the safety of road traffic.

The integrated drainage ditch is not only an integrated resin concrete curb, but also a drainage ditch. The system has excellent hydraulic drainage performance in the whole length of the curb, providing an ideal solution for drainage areas such as roads, roundabouts and parking lots. As the color of the curb drain is the same as that of the standard concrete curb, the appearance of the curb can be kept uniform and beautiful after installation. This product not only combines the functions of drainage ditch and curb, but also has light weight and simple cleaning, so it has significant cost advantages from installation to use.

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Product Characteristics

Strong water absorption and permeability, smooth surface and strong bearing capacity;
Single component, no loose components, the product is light and easy to use;
Beautiful appearance and diverse products to meet the different requirements of customers in different environments;
The drainage channel is made of resin concrete, which has high anti-aging, frost resistance, corrosion resistance and stability.

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