Drainage Channel With Slot Cover

  • Item NO.: YT300-U20400PC
  • Product Origin: China
  • Raw Material: base-polymer concrete
  • Slot Cover: Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel can be available
  • Slot Cover Types Of: Single slot or multy slot / middle slot or with side slot can be available
  • CO: 100mm-400mm
  • Length : 1000mm
  • Dimension : Existing list selection or Customized
  • MOQ : one 20' feet container or 2-3 items
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Type of steel slot cover

    L port series
    1. L seam type cover plate metal edge protection resin concrete drainage channel: single seam side seam/single seam middle seam/double seam side seam/double seam middle seam/three seam side seam/three seam middle seam/four seam side seam/four seam Center seam
    2. L slot type cover plate resin edge protection resin concrete drainage channel: single-slit side seam/single-slit middle seam/double-slit side seam/double-slit middle seam/three-slit side seam/three-slit middle seam/four-slit side seam/four-slit Center seam
    Flat mouth series
    Resin concrete drainage channel with flat-slit cover plate: single side seam/single middle seam/double side seam/double middle seam/three seam side seam/three seam middle seam/four side seam/four seam middle seam

    Product Description

    Slotted drainage channel has opened up a new way for architectural design. Slotted linear drainage system has good drainage capacity and is very suitable for installation in places with high requirements for pavement landscape. The system can be used with almost all floor paving materials and has good load-bearing performance. The slot drainage system is composed of a steel slot cover, a resin concrete drainage channel base, a drop well, an inspection port and system accessories. The module integrates a drainage system.

    Drainage Channel With Slot Cover
    Drainage Channel With Slot Cover (2)

    Product Characteristics

    Various widths and heights to adapt to different ground conditions;
    There are two types of cover plates to choose from, center seam type and side seam type;
    Concise and generous, can be used as the connection of different paving layers on the ground;
    The gap width is only 15mm, which is safe to use in any pedestrian area;
    The special sedimentation box design solves the daily garbage accumulation problem, so that there is no peculiar smell inside the ditch.

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