Application Scenarios of Resin Concrete Trench Drain

Resin concrete trench drain, as a type of linear drainage system, has excellent water collection capacity. The material used, resin concrete, gives it high load-bearing capacity and good drainage performance. In addition, the modular design of resin concrete trench drain provides it with strong adaptability to meet the drainage needs of various buildings and roads. It is easy and quick to install, which can greatly reduce labor costs. Furthermore, this design offers a wide range of color choices for resin concrete trench drain, allowing it to blend well with the surrounding environment.

Based on the advantages mentioned above, it is evident that resin concrete trench drain has promising prospects and can be applied in various scenarios, such as highways.

Highways serve as vital transportation arteries between cities, facilitating the rapid flow of people and goods and playing a crucial role in the economic development of urban areas. Highways experience high volumes of traffic and fast-moving vehicles. Accumulated water on the road surface can significantly affect the normal operation of these vehicles. Water accumulation affects the contact between car tires and the road surface, thereby reducing tire traction and increasing the risk of skidding for vehicles traveling at high speeds. It also reduces the friction between tires and the road surface, leading to longer braking distances. When facing emergency braking situations, this negative impact becomes even more detrimental. Moreover, when there is deep water accumulation, the splashes and mist generated by vehicles traveling at high speeds can greatly affect the visibility and normal operation of other vehicles. It is clear that highways require better drainage systems compared to ordinary roads, as well as drainage channels with high load-bearing capacity due to the presence of heavy trucks on highways throughout the year.

Resin concrete trench drain, with its advantages over ordinary trench drains, is well-suited for highways. It not only meets the higher drainage requirements of highways but also satisfies the load-bearing capacity requirements. In addition to its drainage performance, the prefabricated modular design of resin concrete trench drain allows for on-site assembly, reducing construction time. This advantage is crucial for highways, which serve as major transportation routes.

Currently, resin concrete trench drains have been successfully applied on highways in Fujian Province. For example, the Fuyin Highway in Fujian Province spans a total length of 396 kilometers, passing through cities and counties such as Shaowu, Taining, Jiangle, Shaxian, Youxi, Minqing, and Minhou, and finally reaching Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province. The Changping Highway in Fujian Province, which serves as the second access route to Pingtan Island, has a total length of approximately 45.5 kilometers, including 32 kilometers on land and 13.5 kilometers over the sea, with a total investment of about 13 billion yuan. Both of these highway sections utilize resin concrete trench drains, effectively maintaining a favorable driving environment for vehicles during rainy weather conditions.

Post time: Oct-17-2023