Advantages of polymer concrete drainage channels in municipal construction applications

Linear drainage channels occupy an important position in the urban drainage system, playing the roles of road drainage, urban flood control, environmental protection, etc., and providing an important guarantee for the sustainable development of the city.

Linear drainage channels can cope with various rainy weather and can quickly reduce water accumulation on the ground; they can reduce wrestling and tire skidding caused by slippery ground; they can effectively improve the service life of ground paving and buildings; they can provide a clean and tidy ground after rain, give the traveling people a happy mood by reducing the discomfort of traveling after rain.

Polymer concrete drainage channel,also called resin concrete drainage channel,is a type of drainage channel with better performance among linear drainage channels. Its material is resin concrete.

This kind of concrete is a polymer concrete made of synthetic resin (polymer) or monomer as a cementing agent,with a corresponding curing agent, without using cement at all, and using sand and gravel as aggregate as a cementing material.

The difference between resin concrete and ordinary concrete is that the cementing material used is synthetic resin, so it does not require long-term maintenance, but its performance is better than ordinary concrete.


Because the strength is much higher than ordinary concrete, resin concrete components are light in weight and easy to transport. Moreover, resin concrete components have smooth surface with strong corrosion resistance, and without water seepage. By adding special raw materials, they can be made into drainage channels, artificial marble, and bathtubs. Kitchen countertops, electrolyzers and other products.

Analyzing from the perspective of drainage capacity, although ordinary concrete drainage channels have good water collection capabilities, the inner wall of the channel is relatively rough, which can easily lead to the accumulation of garbage, thereby affecting the hydraulic characteristics in the drainage channel, and thus leading to poor drainage.

The polymer concrete drainage channel adopts a unique design of water collection and water retaining by covers, which can achieve 100% water collection effect within a certain condition area, and its inner wall is smooth, which is not easy to accumulate garbage, and the overall drainage effect is better than that of ordinary concrete drainage channels.

Analyzing from the perspective of durability and strength, ordinary concrete drainage channels have weak load capacity, and the channel, edge protection and covers are all provided by different manufacturers without unified standards, resulting in their failure under the long-term high load caused by vehicles.The service life is unstable, and unsafe factors such as displacement, collapse, and loss are prone to occur.

Polymer concrete drainage channels are usually provided by a unified manufacturer. The products comply with EN1433 standards and have been tested by domestic testing agencies. The load capacity reaches F900. The cover and channel are provided by a special locking system, which is not easily damaged during use. They have a long and stable service life, usually 30 to 50 years.

Analyzing from the aspect of operation and maintenance, ordinary concrete drainage channels need to be cleaned more frequently due to their material reasons, so garbage is easily adsorbed to the surface of the channel. In addition, ordinary concrete drainage channels in cold areas require timely anti-freeze measures.

The inner wall of the polymer concrete drainage channel is smooth, has a self-purification function, and is equipped with professional garbage collection accessories. It does not require frequent cleaning. Its material has good anti-freeze performance and does not require additional anti-freeze measures, which can save operation and maintenance costs. .

In addition to the above advantages, resin concrete drainage channels are also applicable to a wide range of scenarios. The beautiful and clean appearance makes it suitable for scenes with high aesthetic requirements such as pedestrian streets, commercial streets, and parks.It can be well coordinated with the surrounding environment and can enhance the beauty of the city and the quality of the environment. It is an indispensable part of urban planning and construction.

Post time: Sep-14-2023